LIFE STORY: new nightmare fuel… LSATs. @__@;

I’ve been looking up on law schools since I’m in university anyways.1 But from what I’ve heard about LSATs, I’m terrified. You need a good LSAT score, especially if you don’t have excellent grades, to have a chance to get into a decent law school.

LOL, if people who have genuinely dreamed of going to law school are having a hard time getting in, how will someone with no motivation and zero passion fare?

Seriously, I don’t know what I’m doing in school. This is really depressing. 2

1. Yes, I’m just as whiny as always. /plays the world’s smallest violin

2. See 1.


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  1. you’ll get in. check out my blog – i did HORRIBLE on my LSATs (twice…) && I just got accepted to a top 100 school with amazing opportunities. study all that you can for the test and know that’s all you can do. you’ll do great. don’t be depressed, be inspired. it’s been a long road for me too, and now i’m starting law school in august 🙂 let’s keep in touch!!

    • Ooh, awesome! *___* Congratulations on getting into law school! Thanks a lot for your great comment! Your blog looks awesome, I’m definitely subscribing~ ❤

  2. It’s not getting in that you should be worried about. Law schools make tons of money for universities and some schools are really easy to get into.

    You should worry about getting into a law school that will help you find a decent job when you get out. You don’t want to be $80,000 (or more) in debt and unemployed. Lots of law graduates these days aren’t able to find a job when they’re done because the law schools admit too many students.

    Be sure to do your research. Here’s one trick that law schools sometimes use: when they say that 90% are employed within 6 months of graduation, make sure they say that the 90% is in the legal profession. Some schools say 90% are employed, but they don’t say what the grads are doing… which means that half of the employed grads could be selling cosmetics door-to-door.

    • Yeah, I’m definitely doing my research… from what I’m seeing, there are too many Canadians trying to get into law, and if I can’t get into one of the top schools, I won’t keep going. Anyways, thanks for the great comment! You’ve given me more to think about~

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