RANDOM: word clouds & funnies! :3

Wordle is so much fun! *___* Even if you suck at making the word clouds (some in the gallery are sooo nice, and some are pretty hideous…) you’ll still have a blast! Made a few random ones based on Rise Against lyrics on a whim, inspired by a funny word cloud I saw on graphjam~

Wordle: Disparity By Design Wordle: EndgameWordle: Make it Stop 

Not that great, since I didn’t get too creative (using pre-made color schemes… |D) but hey! ❤

Speaking of having fun wasting time on the internet, two of my favorite places to do so is on Failbook and Graphjam! Failbook is exactly what it sounds like… mostly screenshots of idiots on facebook making fool of themselves. Hilarious… >:’D Graphjam’s funny is more of a “it’s funny because it’s true” way.

I check both frequently for guaranteed lulz~ Failbook is generally funnier, but Graphjam is less facepalm-worthy… sometimes the screenshots on Failbook are really pathetic… :X

So, I’ll also be doing a “daily funny” thing, which could include something from Failbook or Graphjam! I’m getting ahead of myself (I have so many things I want to post!) but this is why I wanted a blog anyways… ^-^

For now, here are one of each Failbook & Graphjam! To give you a good idea of what kind of sites these are. Maybe it’s your cup of tea~ (:


funny facebook fails - Dog Food

funny graphs - Where Do They All Come From?


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