THOUGHTS: trollfics (“and the pants were dead.”)

Gordon Freeman said “its time to end this ones and for all!” and punched the final boss in the face and the final boss fell. John Freeman said “thanks i could help, bro” and Gordon Freeman said “you should come here earlier next time” and they laughed.

I’m not going to lie; I hate fanfiction. The concept itself is terrific, but the actual result… not pretty, thanks to the downright terrible “writers” who pen said fanfiction. I recognize three types of fanfic: “meh”, “crimes against humanity”, and “trollfic”. I haven’t actually read a fanfic that I thought was high-quality enough to be a legit book (although I don’t mind a decent crackfic here and there), as “quality fanfiction” is practically an oxymoron.

However, fanfiction can be good for one thing… you guessed it! LULZ. trolololo~

Okay, so most fanfics aren’t funny. They’re more like “oh-god-the-English-language-has-been-mutilated-I-think-my-eyeballs-are-bleeding” bad. BUT. Internet shenanigans to the rescue!! Trollfics are a gold mine. Whether they’re actually trollfics or not… the terrible writing is funny to read, rather than nauseating and/or painful. It’s funny because it’s SO WRONG. If you suck at spelling/write terrible fanfiction yourself, you won’t enjoy trollfics. |D

There are other funny ones too, but my favorite is easily Half-Life: Full Life Consequences. Ever since reading its TV Tropes article, I’ve been hooked.

And after seeing this video, I became OBSESSED.

You might not like it, but hey. Fortunately for the fans, there’s even more.

My second favorite is DIGIMON SAVEZ THE WROLD!!1111, penned by literary genius Peter Chimaera. He masterfully crafts trollfics for many series, but I’m personally fond of his Digimon ones. And why yes, there is also a matching video for this, and well as one for its sequel. ❤

Do you find trollfics funny? Maybe they’re not your cup of tea? Let me know! :’>


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  1. Half Life: Full Life Consequences is amazing. While I enjoy the lols they bring, I don’t understand how people can physically write trollfics. I think my brain would start crying after a while…

    As for good fanfiction, I actually have read one that I would venture to say is good enough to be a book. Then again, it’s structured in a way that only uses the world of the original series, leaving much more room for the change that comes with different authorship. It’s a Breath of Fire fanfiction called Reborn Again that will, alas, probably never be finished.

    • Haha, agreed. I tried writing one a few years ago, but WOW, it was painful! I decided to leave it to the experts. \o/

      Aww, it’s unfinished? That’s disappointing, but at least you found a fanfiction of such high quality! I guess I’m just too picky for my own good… orz

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