♥ Animorphs Relaunch — 1, 2, & 3 GET!

Animorphs Relaunched – #1 The Invasion, #2 The Visitor, #3 The Encounter

YES. I finally got my hands on the first three relaunched Animorphs books! /o/ Following in the footsteps of fellow former heavyweights Goosebumps and The Baby-Sitters Club, Animorphs is back and better than ever!

Sure, the price per book is bumped up a few bucks, the pages don’t morph anymore (bawww!), and I actually prefer the old covers (although the new “morphing” lenticular covers are pretty rad), but asdfhjkl I AM SO HAPPY!! *crazy arm flailing* I mean, how awesome is it that my favorite series of all time is being relaunched? Very. Very awesome. :U I don’t know if they’ll be relaunching every title (60+ including spin-offs! :O), but this is a great sign!

Fingers crossed that they sell well! They must be doing okay, since a relaunch for #7 & #8 has been confirmed, but I don’t know… in its heyday, the books have already sold a combined 20+ million copies. If Scholastic doesn’t do some serious advertising, I doubt this awesome relaunch will succeed. But the fanbase is still alive (I found out about the relaunch ages ago because I regularly check for Animorphs news… awesomeface) and I have a good feeling about this! :>

Here’s hoping that the relaunch goes well! I’m eagerly awaiting the other books’ releases. ♥

So, am I going to re-buy the ones I already have? F%#$ yeah!!! That’s how I roll. B)


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