Book Review: Pretty Little Liars #2 — Flawless

@__@; More book reviews are coming… *hates summarizing + reading over 9000 books at once*

I was working on a 30 question writing meme, but after an hour I wasn’t even halfway done… *probably because I was typing at 2AM like a total idiot* But yeah, I’m working on a lot of stuff! \o/ For now, here’s my review for Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless.

The review for the first book, Pretty Little Liars, is over here!


Cover of Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless.

Picking up where Pretty Little Liars left off, the four girls are finally reunited at Alison’s memorial service. They acknowledge the creepy messages they’ve been getting from ‘A’, but refuse to share their secrets with each other…

Spencer won; she stole Wren from her older sister, Melissa… and her parents are furious about it. Not only can’t she bring Wren to Foxy, a grand charity ball, but she’s withholding vital information from her friends — information that could help them uncover A’s identity. Aria and Ezra are over, so she sets her sights on one of her friends’ exes. But how can she think about boys when A is threatening to spill a secret that will ruin her family? Not only is Hanna’s father — after years of not staying in touch — back, but she’s being haunted by her past of bulimia that A somehow knows about. Ever since Ben saw Emily kissing Maya in a photo booth at the Kahn party, he’s bent on bullying her. But an unlikely person rises up to protect her — a person that the girls don’t want back in Rosewood…

A is starting to spill their secrets, and if they don’t figure out A’s identity soon, their lives will be ruined — especially if the truth emerges about “The Jenna Thing”.

/skip to general information1, more thoughts2, grading3, or final impression4.

This book was better than the last one, but it still does many things that irk me.

The fanfiction-esque chapter titles are still happening. They’re less severe in this book, but still… [all-caps] “is there an amish sign-up sheet somewhere?“, “there’s truth in wine… or, in aria’s case, amstel“, “didn’t emily’s mother ever teach her not to get in strangers’ cars?” etcetcetc. Although this might just be my inner elitist talking. Don’t know about you, but these fanfiction-y titles drive me nuts. Not only to they pretty much spoil the entire chapter, but it’s incredibly amateur. On fanfiction? Fine. On legit published novels? Come on. I left it out of the first book’s review as I thought it was a one-time thing, but I guess not. Pshh!

Another thing is this amateur ‘name-dropping’… I don’t know how to call it, but you know when the first time a character is first introduced their whole name is given?

“I think she needs more blush.” Spencer Hastings leaned back and examined one of her best friends, Emily Fields. “I can still see her freckles.”

“I’ve got some Clinique concealer.” Alison DiLaurentis sprang up and ran to her blue corduroy makeup bag.

page 1 (paragraph 3 of prologue)

See what I mean? I know it’s common in children’s books or whatever, but asdfghjkl! This isn’t a glaring flaw and I shouldn’t complain, but still. Minor annoyances pile up! (For example, how often the names are used… yeah, the characters are mostly female and you don’t want a reader to get confused, but it’s seriously too much.)

The most notable improvement is the character development. I don’t know why… I hated the characters in the first book, but in Flawless, they feel more real. It almost convinces me that Sara Shepard might be a capable writer after all. Too bad the writing is still dumbed-down (although it’s somewhat less painfully glaring than in the first book). I really hope that’s the publisher’s decision and not the writer’s. :Va

1. general information

name: Pretty Little Liars: Flawless
author: Sara Shepard
number in series: 2
genre: young adult (chick lit, mystery)
narrative point of view: third person
narrative tense: past tense

2. more thoughts

readability: Too dull to be a legit page turner, but a combination of being an easy (bordering on shallow) read and very short chapters make it easy to read. But even though this sequel was better than the first PLL book, reading it still felt like a chore.

what I enjoyed: The characters sucked less. \o/

what I disliked:  Amateur ‘fanfiction’-esque chapter titles (although it’s less severe than the first book). Still has a shallow vocabulary. Still slow-paced, although this has also improved. As I flip the pages, I can feel my brain cells dying… not exactly what I look for in a book.

hooked on the series: An improvement from the first book… might purchase the next, but I’m still not hooked. It’s not one of my my top 100 fave books, if you know what I mean. (lolwut)

3. grading

premise: Less of a novelty. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been following the TV show closely, but I’m getting sick of A and the girls’ petty little liars! lolgetit problems. 4/10

characters: And this is where there is the most improvement. In the first book, I didn’t care for the characters, but Flawless is much better. Well-written, realistic characters. Although Emily is still annoying, Ben really takes the cake for most “fffffu-” character… 7/10.

plot:  Toby is great, but centering the whole book around “Foxy” is annoying. 6/10.

writing style: Slightly better. Mostly because I didn’t hate the characters as much. 5/10.

OVERAL GRADE (not an average)5/10. 

4. final impression…

Okay, so this one wasn’t as bad. But… it’s still pretty bad. |D; I appreciate that the pace has picked up, but considering that the series stands at (for now) 12 books, it’s going to cost quite a pretty penny. Despite the fact that Flawless is a decent book, I don’t think this series is worth buying. Unless you’re a reluctant teen female reader with mounds of spare cash and no interest in donating to charity… in which case, knock yourself out.

Have you read also read this book? Agree with me? Disagree? Let me know! c:


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