SPOTLIGHT: Make It Stop (September’s Children)

I really don’t know why this wasn’t the first post on my blog. Anyways, to go along with my new “I ❤ Rise Against!” page, I feel the need to spread the love for Rise Against’s newest music video — Make It Stop (September’s Children) off their 6th album, Endgame!

The whole reason behind the song is heartbreaking. On the surface, it’s an anti-homophobia song. It was created after RA read a fan’s letter, asking if they minded if she were gay. What really motivated Tim to write the song was the wave of gay teen suicides in September ’10.

If you dislike the video, you have no heart. Am I saying you have to love a song by a punk band (which is definitely not for everyone)? NO. Am I saying you have to “agree” with homosexuals? NO. Am I saying that you’re an idiot if you’re not against bullying children? Yes. :Va

Unless you’re a total moron, you can tell that the song isn’t glorifying homosexuality, or “encouraging” children to be gay. There is really no reason to hate this song’s message. Am I biased, being a dedicated Rise Against fan? Probably. But I stand by this.

I am so proud of RA for making this song. They really do believe in equality. :’> I never thought about what their stance on homosexuality was, as it never crossed my mind, but I am BEYOND THRILLED to know that they’re against homophobia. I already thought the band members were great people, and yet my respect has just increased tenfold.

My favorite lyrics are;

from a nation under god,
i feel its love like a cattle prod.
born free, but still they hate.
born me, no, I can’t change.

“Cattle prod” can double as a shot against animal cruelty. Pretty clever! Picking favorite lines is hard, though, the whole song is fantastic.

What did you think of this song? Emotionally moving, or not quite enough? Let me know! \o/


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