LIFE STORY: i can haz happier life? :’c

Aaand of course today was a bust. So much for “I hope the tutoring goes well“.

I can’t believe I’m still naive enough to think that my life won’t suck.

I feel like my raeg is best expressed through point form.


Breakdown of Sunday…

  • Wake up. Have a good feeling about the day. (should’ve been red flag #1)
  • Notice that my father was in a bad mood. (red flag #2)
  • Start getting ready — charge cell phone & put on makeup (so my face doesn’t scare the kids).
  • The Rise Against I was blasting from my computer stops. Computer makes a horrible “shut down” sound. Panic. Lights go out.  Great timing for a power failure.
  • Spend the next half hour sulking while trying to apply makeup in the dark.
  • Retrieve my cell phone. Didn’t charge at all. Oh well.
  • Go to the elevator (already running a few minutes late thanks to the whole getting-ready-in-the-dark thing).
  • Realize that it isn’t a “power fart” or something wrong with my own room, it’s a legit power failure of the whole area.
  • Drag my half-asleep ass down 16+ flights of stairs.
  • While searching for the place, realize that my mother never actually gave me an address.
  • As if too rub it in my face, the stoplights don’t work, so the police are directing traffic.
  • Remember that the place is in a white strip mall, parallel to the main road. The “name” is simply “OFFICES” — like, there isn’t an actual “store” for the tutoring.
  • Get yelled at by father after driving around for 10 minutes and not finding it. Understandable. I would’ve yelled at me too.
  • Unfortunately, since my legs were still sore from the whole stairs thing, yell back  at him instead of doing something productive.
  • Use cell phone to go on hotmail to try and open the email that a lady who works there sent me, which had her phone number in it.
  • Phone won’t open the email.
  • …aww, crap.
  • Memorize the email address and try to email the lady instead.
  • My father irl-ragequits and drops me off at home, as it’s 15 minutes past the time I was supposed to arrive.
  • Rush to the computer to try and open the email, refusing to give up. Thankfully, power’s back. Realize that she had actually called my shitty cell phone and sent multiple texts.
  • Quickly call her back. Pretend that I’m on the main road, still looking for the builing.
  • Get directions.
  • Call my father to pick me up again. Two minutes after he left me he was already on the highway, and he says it’ll take him 25 minutes to come back. The class would be half done by then.
  • Headdesk.
  • Get mad at him for no reason. Yeah, at 18, I’m still a brat. :’c Wait for him to come back. Buses suck on Sunday, and I have no driver’s license (let alone a car).
  • Still can’t find the white strip mall that’s parallel to the road with a place “called” OFFICES.
  • Call the lady up again.
  • She says that the parents couldn’t wait any longer and already left with their kids. Obviously.
  • Gives me more instructions so I know where the place is for next time.
  • Follow her instructions to the offices… in a brown-ish strip mall that’s perpendicular to the main road. Realize that I was absolutely wrong about how it looked.
  • Go back home.
  • Feel extremely dumb. I mean, will the parents even drop their children off next week? If I was them, I’d wait 3 weeks and keep the lessons going with my mother, who’s perfectly qualified and professional. Not some weird bratty dumbass who has the shittiest memory/lowest IQ ever.
  • Eat ice cream. Lots of ice cream.
  • ;___;
  • Screw mlia… fml!
  • /inb4 you deserved it


To make life even more awesome, my father got into a car crash today. $5000+ dollars of damage to his BMW. Excellent. >:U

:/ if you actually read this, you deserve to see something awesome, like… DJ kittens.

Fuck yeah! \m/

…that is all.


About lily.

My life revolves around writing and enough geeky hobbies to annoy my parents.

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