Book Review: The Clique #14 — A Tale of Two Pretties

The Twilight rant review is taking a lot of time to revamp. Sooo, next on the docket, A Tale of Two Pretties, the last book in the Clique series!

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They may be best friends, but they each have a secret that they’re keeping from each other…

A psychic tells Alicia she’s destined to be an alpha, but she only wants to be Massie’s beta. Dylan had to sign a confidentiality agreement, and can’t tell anyone she and her family are starring in their own reality TV show. Kristen was recruited by an elite traveling soccer team… which is eating up most of her free time. Claire’s parents finally bought a house, but she’s terrified that no longer living in Massie’s guesthouse means no longer being friends with the PC. And Massie is keeping the biggest secret of all… one that may spell the end of the Pretty Committee forever.

The Clique… the only thing harder than getting in is saying goodbye.

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For a while it seemed like the Clique series could go on forever (which would have been horrible, especially if ghostwriters were brought in), but the series ends here. Wow, I remember hearing about it sometime in 8th grade (about five and a half years ago) and started reading the series a year or two afterwards. A Tale of Two Pretties definitely has its flaws, but it’s a decent book and a satisfying conclusion to the series.

I need to bring up a huge spoiler… James. WHAT. WHERE DID HE COME FROM?! Dude, I thought Landon and Massie were getting set up as a OTP. I don’t really recall any scenes with Landon in the book, save for a mention in the epilogue about Massie and him breaking up instead of keeping a long-distance relationship going. Luckily for Lisi Harrison, she’s great at writing decent male characters, so in the brief moment James is around, he seems like a good guy and a good fit for Massie. But still. I was getting attached to Landon. Man, Massie sure is cycling through guys, and she’s still in middle school. Too bad Cam didn’t break up with Claire… I don’t want her love life to be so easy! d:

When Massie told her friends she was poor, I was so proud of how supportive and great they were! Alicia desperately trying to avoid alpha duties was pretty amusing. The whole novel is pretty predictable (except for James, which I thought came out of nowhere [Hermia wtfff]), but it’s a pretty good way to wrap up the series. If you liked every other book in the series, you’ll definitely enjoy A Tale of Two Pretties.

Something to note… Dylan/Alicia/Kristen got their fair amount of focus, but it made the novel kind of shallow. Like, it touched on “a little of everything” instead of “a lot of something”. Some people preferred it like that, but it was kind of awkward for me. And honestly, the ending was really cheesy, but it works. This was still a good wrap-up to a series, and even though it could’ve been better, I’m satisfied.

1. general information

name: Clique:  A Tale of Two Pretties
author: Lisi Harrison
number in series: 14
genre: young adult.
narrative point of view: third person.
narrative tense: past tense.

2. more thoughts

readability: Hmm. Lisi is great, and the book is as fun to read as the rest, but it was somewhat clunkier than most of the others. Maybe because AToTP tried a little harder to cover every character (which is fitting for the final book of a series). Girly reluctant teen readers will still gobble this up.

what I enjoyed: Wrapped the series up nicely (exactly like I expected, which is weird because I usually suck at guessing how books go), engrossing read ’til the end.

what I disliked:  “Meh” ending (then again, I find every ending unsatisfying), not much happening in the book (a little bit happened to each character rather than a lot happening to a few [excluding MC Massie of course]), Massie and Landon being over (even though I like James from the few pages he had), and the whole novel being extremely predictable.

hooked on the series: |D This is a dumb one to have when reviewing the last book in a series. Sure, it was a welcome addition to the Clique series!

3. grading

premise: Nothing mindblowing. 4/10

characters: The book tried to feature more characters than usual, but… nyah. Massie’s character is still great, but everyone else was kind of “meh”. 6/10.

plot:  It was good… just good. Average. Not great. Average. Very predictable. 6/10.

writing style: For some reason, this book’s writing style was even better than the last. The pop culture references were less plentiful/jarring. Unfortunately, the story itself kind of jumped all over the place. It was good, but it could’ve been better. 7.5/10.

OVERAL GRADE (not an average)6/10. 

4. final impression…

As a series finale, it’s pretty good. It could’ve been better, but it definitely could’ve been worse. Maybe when I re-read the book, I’ll like it even more. For young adult — a genre that has a tendency of being mindblowingly amazing or downright terrible — Clique has somehow been able to grab my attention and keep me reading ’til the end. I look forward to reading more books from Lisi Harrison. I love her writing style.


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