LIFE STORY: ATTENTION DUELISTS! My hair is commanding you to give me a present!

I’m officially 19. So, to all minors in Ontario: I will now purchase alcohol and cigarettes for you!!! 8’D… right, actually, I would rather smash in your skull with a wrench than buy you alcohol/smokes — which might even be more illegal than buying booze/cigarettes for kids — so, um, scratch that. Don’t arrest me. OTL

I think of birthdays as reminders that you’re getting old. Especially for someone like me, who hasn’t accomplished anything in life. Honestly, I’m surprised I got to 19. I always thought I’d get hit by a car as a child, or be one of those 12 year old suckers who die of cancer while god laughs his/her/its (wut) ass off.

But I’m still heeere~ yes, my uber-annoying self is very much alive. No, I don’t have terminal cancer (yet), and I’ve narrowly escaped getting pwned by teh almighteh god. I’m still wasting your oxygen, food, and space. U MAD?

fyi, Sephora makes any birthday better. Man, makeup is right up there with Pokemon cards in things that make me happy but are a colossal waste of money.

This year’s beauty insider birthday present is a bottle of vanilla-scented shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath awesomeness from Philosophy. I don’t know which I’ll use it for. All I know is that it looks awesome.

And of course I couldn’t help but pick up one of their “colorful mono eyeshadows”. I have one in Catherine (“silvery dark gray shimmer”) and it’s the best eyeshadow I’ve ever owned.

I wanted a purple-y one, so after slinking around the testers, I settled on Midnight Hour. It wasn’t the pinkish violet I was looking for, but I fell in love with its shimmer.

Sephora calls it “bright violet with iridescent shimmer”. I call it “purple awesomeness with kickass silverish and blueish sparkles”. (Why hasn’t Sephora hired me to write their product description? Huh.) It’s a strange but gorgeous color. I have no idea what to pair it with.

I’m still on the hunt for my matte violet-y color (my friend once blended a violet-y color with pink for a smoky eye, and I’m yoinking her amazing idea! |D)

The only thing that annoyed me today was Shonen Jump. As nice as their customer service is, I’ve had a lot of problems with my magazine subscription… lots of issues coming damaged, or not coming at all. Recently, they skipped me for two months (would’ve been 3 but they combined their June/July issues) and didn’t send my subscription promo items (as usual) so I shot off an email to their customer service. Instead of sending me the back issues, they just extended my subscription for two months.

This all happened a few days ago. So, how did this annoy me today? Well, I went to Chapters to try and pick up the back issues I wasn’t sent. Of course, they weren’t in stock. I was hoping that at least the August issue would, but September’s is already here. SJ told me my September issue is on its way, and will come by August 16… even though subscribers are supposed to get them earlier! :V So, I can’t buy my back issues (which have been bumped up to $7.99 CAD, yeesh) in person, and ebay is obscenely expensive… boo! Sadface.

On the bright-ish side, being around books makes it hard to be in a bad mood. (Until my father said something like, “There are so many books. Why would anyone buy all of these? How do writers make money?”… :’c) I picked up a cheap copy of Heist Society by Ally Carter. I read her book I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You (lol srsly), and it was well-written, although I wasn’t tempted to read the sequels. I read some good reviews on HS, so I have high hopes! Then again, I still have 20+ unread books I recently purchased. orz

I feel super guilty about buying “clearance” books, since authors don’t make any royalties… but there are many books I’d buy discounted but not full price. I use this as a gateway to check out the author. If I like their style, I’ll check out their other books and buy them full-priced, so I try to convince myself I’m not doing anything wrong. >__>;

Well, my birthday means that 3 of my 4 months of summer are over… in only one month, I’ll be back in university, fueled by strong black coffee and sacrificing sleep for schoolwork. At least university forces me to stop acting like an idiot. Once I’m there, I’m sure I’ll regret it, but right now, I’m looking forward to going back.


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  1. Sorry this is a late post, but….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 😀 Congrats on being 19!! I hope you are blissfully happy right now and enjoying your days as a 19-year-old, because when you grow older you might not get happy about birthdays anymore. 😦 Women get obsessed with age by the time they pass 25.

    You’re going to have to change the prof info by your avatar. You’re not an 18 year old Canuck anymore ;P

    And I just have to say….. I LOVE ALLY CARTER!!! I’m planning to read Heist Society, as soon as I am finished with my summer reading list for school!!!!!

    “Sephora calls it “bright violet with iridescent shimmer”. I call it “purple awesomeness with kickass silverish and blueish sparkles”.” Lol. 🙂 You sound like one of my friends. 😛

    • Aww, haha, thank you~ x3 I have a feeling that I’ll be one of those women! 😛 Oh, that’s true, I have to change my info for a lot of sites now… >__<; Thanks for the reminder! ❤

      Cool! Let me know what you think of the book! C: I hope I like it enough to pick up the sequel!

      LOL, then your friend sounds awesome! :3

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