LIFE STORY: I’m still alive! \o/

I was scared of this… getting too lazy to blog. But between my quick vacation to Paris, re-packing, and moving back to university dorms, I have a semi-valid excuse. Besides, no one reads this blog. Even you‘re not reading this blog. Yeah. Think about it… :Va

Haven’t posted on here for almost two months… I’m keeping up with CARP, but that’s only thanks to my non-existant standard of quality on that blog.

I have so many ideas for new posts, but I also have to sort out which blog to post what on, and find time to write them, and… asdfghjkl [/spontaneous combustion]

Now that school has restarted (second year of university, whoo… :|), my free time is gonegonegoneee. Derp. Anyways, for the single sad person who’s reading, this is what’s coming up;

  • Even. More. Book. Reviews. This year, I didn’t bring a lot of books with me (I plan on reviewing 2 out of the 3), but with the three other in-progress book reviews (including my rant review for Twilight…) in my draft, PLUS the fact that I’m going to read & review a few e-books, there are plenty of book reviews on the way.
  • Adding “recommended for” and “not recommended for” sections to book reviews. Effective immediately with my new reviews, and will be applied retroactively to my older ones.
  • Makeup reviews, finally! All summer long I was able to let myself go, but now that I’m back around peers, I’ve already gotten back into the groove of wearing ridiculously heavy dark eyeshadow in the morning. Now that I’m actually wearing makeup again, I can take pictures! (I hate makeup reviews with no pictures… I mean, what’s the point? :U)
  • ← ↑ chaotic!stupid → ↓ & ✿ illusory correlation & ★ lily the writer will get going!  Chaotic Stupid (nerd!blog) will get a boost from the fact that I coughboughtaPS3behindfather’sbacks and the obscene amount of video games I’m buying (got two more DS games yesterday, which makes it 4 PS3 games (5 if you count that I bought two copies of the same game… don’t ask) and 3 DS games in one week. Illusory Correlation (srsbsns!blog) will have plenty of content, as school renders me plenty cynical. :B The Writer (writing!blog) will hopefully keep me motivated to find time to write…
  • SPOTLIGHT” posts. Mentioning a certain movie, artist, book, etc without actually reviewing anything. The posts will be accompanied by plenty of shiny pictures and videos. Effective immediately with new posts, and will be applied retroactively to my older ones.
  • All the pictures and videos I took in Paris! Gahh, they’ve been uploaded to my photobucket for foreverrr, but they’ll take ages to post so I’m procrastinating…
  • etcetcetc asdfghjkl

I’m not dead. But blogging-wise, I might as well be. BUT NO MORE~! I’m going to do a better job of blogging! Starting with tonight’s new Family Guy/American Dad/Cleveland Show episodes (hosted by the almighty Seth MacFarlane… <3) which I’ll post about as/after I’m watching, I’m settling back into my groove!

That’s right. Instead of studying, or doing laundry, volunteering for charity… I’m willing to watch a lot of TV, play video games, and read books to have blogging material. I’m a genius! :’>

…oh, and today’s my sister’s 16th birthday. I wanted to mention it but I totally forgot to, so I’m editing this in now. |D;


About lily.

My life revolves around writing and enough geeky hobbies to annoy my parents.

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  1. Please don’t post the rant! ;-; I’m begging you! But sounds like you had a good summer 🙂

  2. Oh and when you have more posts you want to write, write the title, and save the draft. 🙂

    • It’s not a rant… it’s a review. \o/ To be fair, my Pretty Little Liars reviews are also rants disguised as reviews… XD And yeah, it was okay, hope yours was great too! *How could it NOT be if you met Tom Felton?! XD*

      And yes, I’m abusing the save draft feature, I looove it! I have like 10 WIP posts that are saved/autosaved, and when I stop being lazy, I’ll get around to finishing and posting them… >o<;

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