LIFE STORY: life + Seth MacFarlane = life that doesn’t suck

I don’t even care that I’m sick and feel like shit because MY NEW LAPTOP IS HERE AND IT’S SEXY. It almost makes up for the fact that Canada apparently doesn’t want me to buy Seth MacFarlane’s awesome new album… but more on that later.

…because I have unflattering pictures of my new laptop! Seriously, I don’t know why every picture my digital camera takes looks like it was hit with the ugly stick, but the laptop looks way better in person. It’s a sexy matte black that resists fingerprints, not a washed-out dark grey. Silly digital camera. You’re going to have to step up if you want to the favorite piece of technology I own, because the competition is getting fierce.

(yes i will keep that thing between my laptop forever because apparently the way it’s designed makes it easily damaged without some sort of protection between the lid asdfhjkl)

a stunning $1000+ laptop resting on a regal tower of $1.99 cases of bottled water

why does this pic make my laptop look so plain and boxy instead of sleek and sexy? WHY ISN'T MY LAPTOP PHOTOGENIC?!

the main reason of why i love the laptop’s look is its strange/awesome design

 /okay, I don’t know why each image’s caption’s font and color look different (according to the post’s preview, at least), but hey.

I am officially a Sony fangirl! …who unfortunately doesn’t have the funds for a gorgeous Vita. :’c Now, the only problem is that I can’t actually use my laptop in my room, because there’s nowhere to put it… my desk is already taken up by my desktop and computer monitor, and — despite the misleading name — I’d never actually put the laptop on my lap.

Anyways, onto Seth MacFarlane, who is one of the few human beings on this planet that I don’t hate. It might seen self-destructive to call the creator of Family Guy one of my role models, yet he’s at least more reasonable than 99%+ of the rest of the world. I’ve been drooling over his upcoming debut big band CD, Music Is Better Than Words, but now that it’s technically been released, I don’t know how to get my hands on it… had its release date set at September 27, so yesterday (one day late, but I had late classes on the 27th! orz) I rushed over to Wal-Mart, which might be the last place in North Bay where you can purchase CDs, and went to the ‘new releases’ section where I had snagged Rise Against’s Endgame, but… no dice.

I had a bad feeling when the CD (listed online on sites like Wal-Mart US and HMV Japan) wasn’t on any Canadian retailers’ websites, but I refuse to give up! Strangely enough, changed its release date from Sept 27 to Nov 1… although’s listing clearly shows it being on sale. So, maybe Canada is just late? Maybe it’ll be released in stores like Wal-Mart and HMV here when it’s November? I’m tempted to grab a copy off, but if it IS released in Canada at a later date, I’d hate that the album would lose a Canadian sale. (Fuck you, every sale counts!) 

NO, I will not buy it digitally, or torrent the album. I’m not going to start on an anti-piracy preaching session, but any CD by Seth MacFarlane — like Rise Against — *has* to be in my physical collection. Seriously. Imagine my intensity when it comes to collecting books (especially manga; same height & look awesome as a collection)/DVDs/video games/children’s trading cards/etc… and combine said intensity with my reverence for Seth MacFarlane. THAT’S HOW BADLY I NEED THIS ALBUM.

So. Yeah. In the meanwhile, at least I can get my dosage of Seth MacFarlane with the new seasons of Family Guy and American Dad! Sooo excited for this Sunday’s FOX Animation Domination Crossover~ and I need to find a way to watch Seth’s ‘Swingin’ In Concert’ on EPIX online somehow… because EPIX is apparently an exclusively American channel. Canada, stop disappointing meee!


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  1. Oh man, you hadn’t posted for so long that I was getting kinda worried about you XD

    Cheers to the awesome new laptop- cool design, by the way, but I still think Macs are the prettiest- and double cheers for the new digital camera you’re going to get soon I hope…? *raises eyebrows suggestively*

    “Seriously, I don’t know why every picture my digital camera takes looks like it was hit with the ugly stick, but the laptop looks way better in person.” I want to see how awesome it really is… 😦

    • Haha, yeah, school is taking more out of me than I thought! #__#; I feel bad for not contributing on your blog yet, but I’d never post something rushed like I do for my blogs… XD

      I’m a hardcore PC fan, so boo Macs! 😛 Ironically, Vaios are pretty much like Macs, in that they’re visually appealing/higher-end/overpriced… XD And pfft, if I got a superspecialawesomeHD camera, I won’t have an excuse for looking bad in pictures anymore… sorry, laptop! 😛 But I will try to record a video or something, maybe it looks terrible in pictures but great on film? XD

      By the way, I hope boarding school is going well for you! ❤

      • I have to say… boarding school was terrible the first day, but it slowly got better as weeks passed 🙂 Now I know my way around! XD

        I love Macs. I don’t like PCs mainly because the ones I have used are slow and get viruses ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Macs stay speedy fast longer 🙂 Then you have to spend all your money replacing it because you were irresponsible…? For me, I used my touch pad thingy too much and it got unresponsive and did stuff by itself.

        Yeah, lots of stuff looks more awesome in film, but lots of stuff looks better in pictures. Get your super special awesome HD camera soon! I already have one 😛

        Don’t feel bad for not contributing, I totally understand!! I get what you mean, not posting rushed stuff on other ppl’s blogs because, well, it’s not yours XD I wouldn’t either ha ha

      • Eeee, well, I’m glad it got better! :X

        And haha, you must’ve had experience with bad and cheap PCs, they’re not all that bad! I’m really used to Windows, and I don’t want to get into Mac (especially since a lot of computer programs I like still aren’t compatible with Mac. :B) so I’m like the only person who doesn’t have a Mac! Wow… now I’m scared to use my touch pad too much. XD;

        Yeah, hopefully a video would do it more justice! And haha, with tuition/residence/etc, where will I get the money to buy said super special awesome HD camera?! Especially because all of my money is currently going into buying PS3 games because of the awesome free PS3 I got with my laptop… OTL

  2. Dude, how obsessed are you with MacFarlane? XD I mean the only character I like is Stewie. Now that’s a kick ass character 🙂 Nice laptop~ And LOL for putting it under a pack of water bottles! Nice table XD And yay for getting PS3 games! Other than Tales, I recommend that you get Alice: Madness Returns 🙂

    • …I. AM. *EXTREMELY*. OBSESSED. Everything he touches turns to AWESOME. I’m also majorly obsessed with Family Guy, but I might actually prefer American Dad… gasp! 😛

      And I was actually considering getting that game, but I’ve been watching GhostRobo’s walkthrough of Alice and I decided that his walkthrough is way more entertaining than if my lame self played it… XD

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