Started on the 9th. Seriously slowed down by school. But I still managed 50k in November! :U

The first draft just needs another ~15k, and it’ll be my third completed novel. The first was completed when I was 13, and the second was written when I was 16. I am now 19 and a half, so… yeah. I have 20+ half-finished novels, but only 2 finished-finished novels. The first is #3 in a planned series, and as awesome as I think the second one, it’s so weird that I don’t even know what genre to classify it as, so my NaNo novel is currently the best chance I have to be published… orz

I may be wasting 4+ years of my life on post-secondary education for qualifications I won’t use, but I won’t let that slow me down. This summer, I’m planning on having at least two polished manuscripts to query agents with. And if both get totally rejected, then I’ll go back for my 3rd year of university and finish up a few more manuscripts and try again next summer!

…aaand now I need to spend this weekend desperately finishing up two huge assignments due next week that I slacked on in favor of my NaNo novel. /flail

More NaNoWriMo-related annoying rambling in yesterday’s post at my writing blog. o/


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My life revolves around writing and enough geeky hobbies to annoy my parents.

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