can you tell that I’m procrastinating?

Term paper deadlines are looming. And a lot of assignments are due soon. And I have a test next week.

…so I decided to go to the mall. 8V

  • Made a beeline to Wal-Mart’s video game section. Didn’t find anything interesting.
  • Smoothly transitioned from the video games section to the children’s trading card games section. |Db
  • Checked out the cosmetics section while hugging onto my LC2 for dear life.
  • L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows were on sale. Decided to grab an “all night blue” since I like the “burning black” I recently bought. (Those pictures don’t do the colors justice.)
  • Left Wal-Mart with a considerably lighter wallet. OTL
  • Went to EB Games to pre-order Tales of Graces f. The cashier spelled my name (Lily Omidi) “Lilly Omidie”… heh, the receipt looks so derpy. I spelled out my last name four times for her… mmm. 8V It’ll cost ~$68 with tax… I really hope I love the game, because there’s no way in hell I’d be able to resell it for anywhere near that much. Curse EB Games/Gamestop for their pre-order incentives!
  • Next order of business: bookstore!
  • jhgasdjkl they were having a ‘buy 3 get 1 free’ promotion. I still have like 20+ brand new books that I bought in the past few years and haven’t cracked open but my iRewards card expires at the end of the month, and I still had a $25 gift card, and this promotion is irresistible…  so. *w*
  • It took a lot of willpower not to grab 4 manga.
  • …a lot.
  • Especially those Black Edition Death Note volumes.
  • God, those things are gorgeous.
  • And Sailor Moon hnnnnngh SO TEMPTING. But I’ll probably just pick those up at the next anime con I go to, so… self-control!
  • Grabbed BZRK immediately. MICHAEL GRANT. Need I say more?
  • Had a hard time deciding on the other 3 books. Finally settled on;

the latest additions to my ever-growing library! ♥

  • Delirium; for the sake of keeping up on YA trends. It’s often name-dropped and I finally caved in.
  • Divergent; ditto. Except this seems more like my kind of book.
  • And I guess I can’t avoid The Hunger Games for much longer. Last year, I bought it, but changed my mind about wanting to read it and promptly returned it. :d
  • Sad fact: 3/4 of these books are in present tense. (SOB ILU MICHAEL GRANT) I knew what I was getting myself into since I checked the books (and it’s the reason I adamantly avoided THG) but the reality is still incredibly depressing… brb killing myself
  • With the iRewards & ‘get 4th free’ promotion, the total came up to $38.78 (including a 5 cent bag, bwahaha)
  • …minus the $25 of my gift card. \m/
  • Hefty discounts and gift card aside, it felt good to only hand over $13.78 for 4 quality new books. The hardcover BZRK itself has a cover price of $19.99 CAD.
  • Grabbed a celebratory Oreo cheesecake Blizzard. You know, to congratulate myself for having blown so much money instead of doing any schoolwork.

Aaand now I’m setting my alarm clock for a few hours earlier than usual because I need to scribble up an assignment for tomorrow morning’s Social Statistics and Data Analysis (a.k.a. math… motherfracking MATH! >:U /foams at mouth) class. o3o


About lily.

My life revolves around writing and enough geeky hobbies to annoy my parents.

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  1. Yay for getting Tales of Graces! Did you start playing it? I’m already at the end of the main arc but haven’t gotten to the final boss yet ;P

    • I’ve started it, but ahh, I’m buying more PS3 games than playing them… XD; I bought the sequels to FFXIII and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm before playing the games themselves… >>;

      I probably won’t get to properly play Graces f for a long time… but it looks like a great game, and I can’t wait to tackle it! *^*

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