BTS’s 화양연화 pt. 2 (if you hate this music then we can’t be friends)

So I need an outlet to fangirl over BTS’s new mini-album because HOLY SHIT IT LIVED UP TO THE HYPE IT’S SO GOOD. I Need U and Dope from 화양연화 pt. 1 are still my two favorite BTS songs of the year, but 화양연화 pt. 2 (translated as The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt. 2; also inexplicably known as In the Mood for Love pt. 2) might be my favorite BTS album ever. Here are a few recommended songs, followed by a brief (read: lazy) album review.

favorite song: 뱁새 (“Crow Tit”/”Silver Spoon”) | performed by all 7 members

best song: Intro : Never Mind | performed by Suga, J-Hope, and Rap Monster

honorable mention: Outro : House Of Cards | performed by Jungkook, Jimin, V, and Jin

1. Intro : Never Mind | rating: 10/10

Why are BTS’s intros always so good? Intro: Never Mind (hereinafter referred to as Nevermind) is right up there with Intro: What Am I To You and Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life. I wish it hadn’t been a teaser song because it’s SO!!! GOOD that it was my measuring stick for the rest of the album. After the dust settled, I still think it’s the best song. It packs an emotional punch and perfectly encapsulates the album’s concept.

2. Run | rating: 9.5/10

This album’s first single. Initially found it underwhelming, but that’s because I’m still hopelessly obsessed with I Need U and Dope. Run is a good mix of chill and hard-hitting—emotional, but with an edge. The music video is stunning. but I’ve watched it a hundred times and still can’t figure out the I Need U/Prologue/Run timeline jhkashfjkafs Big Hit whyyy

3. Butterfly | rating: 10/10

Such a beautiful song. (But, as usual, Jin got shafted. Give the poor guy some lines pls.)

4. Whalien 52 | rating: 9/10

Interesting title, eh? I liked this song before having read the lyrics, but reading the lyrics is definitely a must. I’m very impressed (& incredibly amused) that Rap Monster, Suga, and J-Hope pulled off writing rap lyrics in the POV of a whale.

5. Ma City | rating: 9/10

Fun and enjoyable song. All the rappers killed it, but wow, Suga’s part makes the song.

6. 뱁새 (“Crow Tit”/”Silver Spoon”) | rating: 10/10

People said the literal translation was Crow Tit (a bird), then they said the title should actually be Try-Hard (considering the context), then Silver Spoon’s floating around as the supposed official English title. Uhhh. I might not know what to call this song but I do know this song kicks ass. No other kpop group could pull this off like BTS. Definitely the song I’ll listen to the most.

7. SKIT : One night in a strange city | rating: n/a

Not a song. I don’t speak Korean but I still enjoy these “skits”. Fun way to pad the tracklist.

8. 고엽 (“Autumn Leaves”) | rating: 10/10

Suga’s an incredible producer—every song he’s helped produce is among my favorites. J-Hope’s verse might seem a little out of place but it really adds to the song. (Then again I literally am J-Hope biased sooo take that with a grain of salt.)

A not-really-gripe is that “never fall” is sometimes pronounced like “never far”, but, hey, “never far” is grammatically correct, and pretending the lyrics are alternating between “never fall” and “never far” adds a whole new depth to the song, right? /cricket noises

9. Outro : House Of Cards | rating: 10/10

Everything thinks this was influenced by Earned It (The Weeknd), and yeah, that wouldn’t surprise me. (Fun fact: if BTS had accepted gifts at their Highlight Tour stops, I would’ve given them XO merch and/or The Weeknd albums. Alas, they didn’t…) Coincidentally, this is the best slow song without rapping I’ve heard since The Town by The Weeknd.

overall rating: 10/10

What can I say? I’m still under their spell. To a certain degree, music is objective; I won’t take cheap shots at shitty artists (I’m trying to be a less negative and hateful person…… how’m I doing) but I will say there are artists that virtually everyone can objectively acknowledge as talented. BTS, in my unbiased-but-yeah-okay-still-kinda-biased opinion, puts out great music that transcends their “boy band” label. They’re talented artists, period.

I was tempted to link to all the songs, but hey, just march over to iTunes and drop a few dollars. I ordered two coleapies of this album (one of each peach & blue versions) but I want to collect all 8 photocards (and all 8 posters, though I won’t hold my breath) so it doesn’t seem unreasonable to buy a total of 10+ copies of The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt. 2 to support BTS & feed my unhealthy photocard obsession. Funny how I think they’ve done so much for me that I can never fully repay them and yet they don’t even know I exist. Ah, fangirl mentality.

Let me know your thoughts on any songs on this album, whether you’re a kpop fan or not. I’d genuinely like to hear unbiased opinions, so please be honest! (ofc the whole “friends” thing was tongue-in-cheek, I’d rather be friends with nice people who have questionable taste in music than jerks who share my interests, don’t u worry)

edit: Their new mini-album sold almost 90k physical copies (between both versions) in the first week, which is incredible for kpop, especially for a group from a small company, but it’s insulting compared to album sales from artists popular stateside. But their global popularity will keep rising exponentially so world domination is only a matter of time… B’D

On a more positive note, BTS’s streak of great choreo is still going strong! The butterfly pose at the end… ❤


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  1. Hi there! I’m an ARMY too. can we be friends?

  2. istg bighit thinks that we all got brains like namjoon. WE ARE NO DETECTIVES OKAI BIGHIT?!?!? WE ARE NOT BRAINMON SO PLIJEU TELL US WTH IS GOING ON

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