top 10 favorite kpop choreographies of 2015

Whether you enjoy kpop or not, good choreography is fun to watch. This list includes songs that aren’t strictly “kpop” (as in “Korean pop music”)—I’m including all music put out by Hallyu kpop idols. This list is obviously limited to the songs I know and is only a subjective list. Agree or disagree—and feel free to share your own list with me!

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honorable mention: MYNAME — Just Tell MeJust Tell Me was my first MYNAME music video, and the choreo stood out so much that I gave them another chance despite the tacky MV. A few months afterwards, MYNAME was officially my 3rd favorite kpop group and Gunwoo had ruined my life enough that I could no longer deny he’s my ultimate kpop bias, and it’s all thanks to this memorable choreo—but it’s still not enough to make my top 10. Cold world…

10. EXO — Call Me Baby

This was EXO reaffirming their position on top of the boy band food chain. At first I thought the point dance is almost too cutesy, but hey, their hordes of fangirls aren’t complaining.

9. Red Velvet — Dumb Dumb

There’s a lot of girl group choreography I think is cool (like 4Minute’s Crazy) or cute (like T-ara’s So Crazy), but I’ve never been genuinely impressed by girl group choreo before Dumb Dumb. It’s refreshingly original—cute, but not too cute. As of now it’s enough to push Red Velvet to the top of my list of favorite girl groups.

8. 24k — Hey You

Solid A+ kpop choreography: fun, energetic, makes good use of all members from start to finish, and looks great in-sync. And it was completely choreographed by member Daeil. It was cute that he gave the dance solo to someone else (Jeongguk). As of now, he’s the only kpop idol who has choreographed a whole routine for his own group. And just to drive the point home, Hey You was completely written/composed/arranged by 24k members.

7. Monsta X — Hero

Favorite rookie group of the year. I’m fully convinced they have A-list potential. I regret watching No Mercy because it shredded my heart into pieces, but now I’m super invested in these boys. Trespass was an incredible debut song—the choreo in the music video stole my heart—and Rush was a fun follow-up single, but I’m just a little more obsessed with Hero. The “broadcast version” is good too but I’m all ’bout this original version.

6. Infinite — Bad

Bad might be my new favorite Infinite song but it’s not my favorite choreo of theirs, so it feels a bit weird placing it on this list and not my favorite songs list. But the fact that this choreo isn’t their most memorable is a testament to how consistently great their choreography always is. Also, all Infinite members are hella fine great dancers.

5. Seventeen — Mansae

Seventeen had a strong debut single with Adore U—it was catchy, cute, and fun, and I thought they set the bar too high for themselves. After watching a few live performances of Mansae I was totally sold on Seventeen being a good group and promptly ordered both versions of Boys Be as well as their debut album. Like Adore U, this choreo makes great use of all thirteen members. They’re my second favorite rookie group of the year; it’s really refreshing to see a group embrace and pull off a fun, wholesome concept.

4. UP10TION — So Dangerous

I give every group a chance, but I try very hard to not get into new groups. I didn’t think UP10TION would stand out among all the good rookie groups this year, so my reaction to the So Dangerous MV was pretty much: “Damn it, they’re so good…” I could do without the fanservice-y parts, but the point dance (shoulder dance part) looks SO cool. I haven’t bought any of UP10TION’s albums yet but this group is on my radar.

3. 24k — Super Fly

Yup: Daeil did it again. And he has sole songwriting credit for Super Fly, and member Cory composed and arranged the music. Super Fly was my first 24k music video, and it was also the first time that only one music video converted me into a fan of a group AND convinced me to buy an album. I remember watching the MV, immediately rewatching it, going straight to order their latest mini-album, then heading back to YouTube. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with this choreo *whisperwhisperDaeil’sdancingwhisper* but hey, I don’t mind.

2. BTS (Bangtan Boys) — Dope

Somehow BTS hasn’t broken their streak of incredible choreo. Dope is my second favorite song off HYYH pt. 1 and I was ecstatic when BTS announced they’ll be promoting it, but I’m in awe that there’s choreography that complements the song so well. Not the type of dance anyone can randomly break into, but man, so entertaining to watch.

1. BTS (Bangtan Boys) — I Need U

The music video featured no dancing, so I had no idea I Need U had choreo until I watched a live performance. Like with Dope, I can’t believe this song suits choreo, let alone that its choreo is this good. By FAR my favorite kpop choreography of the year. Apart from EXO’s Overdose during choruses, I Need U is my favorite kpop choreo of all time.


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