top 10 favorite kpop songs of 2015

Man, 2015 has been an incredible year for kpop. SOMEHOW!!! I’ve managed to compile a list of only!!! my top 10 favorite songs. This list includes songs that aren’t strictly “kpop” (as in “Korean pop music”)—I’m including all music put out by Hallyu kpop idols. This list is obviously limited to the songs I know and is only a subjective list. Agree or disagree—and feel free to share your own list with me!

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honorable mention: Rap Monster — God Rap. An example of what I mean by “not strictly kpop”, lol—it’s so hard to suppress my inner fangirl and not give half this list to BTS but I’m trying to be objective!!! …-ish! If you haven’t already, give Rap Monter’s mixtape a listen—every song is great, but God Rap stands out. Rapmon is a true artist.

10. Girls’ Generation — You Think

Best girl group song I’ve heard in a while. I wish GG had promoted this instead of Lion Heart.

9. VIXX LR — Beautiful Liar

VIXX has never really been on my radar yet I’m seriously digging this sub-unit. This song made the album an insta-buy, and it’s my favorite song on the album, edging out Ravi’s awesome solo song Ghost. Also, this band version is amazing.

8. Zico — Day (ft. Jtong)

I’ve waited forever for a solo Zico album, and because I was so hyped some songs were underwhelming, but Day doesn’t disappoint—definitely my favorite song on Gallery.

7. Bastarz — Zero For Conduct

Man, this song is my jam. The first time I heard it I thought it was only so-so, but after watching some live performances it grew on me quick. Between Bastarz and Zico’s solo I’m a happy camper, but fingers crossed for a Block B comeback in 2016!

6. EXO — Love Me Right

When Love Me Right was described (prior to being released) as a bright dance track about love, I had mixed feelings… which dissipated within the first ten seconds of first hearing this song. Love Me Right is fresh, funky, and harmlessly radio-friendly without being annoying. Don’t ask me how many hours of my summer I devoted to helping this song win music show awards. Lily’s Song of Summer ’15! ❤

5. BTS (Bangtan Boys) — Silver Spoon

I’ve already flailed about this song. It just gets better and better with every listen.

4. BIGBANG — Sober

Now the other MADE songs have grown on me, but I used to be so disappointed in BIGBANG’s MADE series comeback and went into every new single expecting to be let down again—until Sober. This song is SO. GOOD. It’s officially my new favorite BIGBANG song, which is something, considering I’ve been a fan since 2009.

3. EXO — Promise (EXO 2014)

I loved this song when I first heard it via concert fancams and immediately considered it my favorite ballad-y EXO song, but of course finding out a few members wrote and composed Promise themselves didn’t hurt my opinion of the song. Their repackaged album Love Me Right is by far my favorite full studio kpop album of 2015.

2. Bang Yongguk — AM 4:44

This song is so beautiful, even without the context. B.A.P’s lawsuit devastated me—I was sure they’d never make music together again. This song felt like a gift to the fans from Yongguk, albeit a bittersweet one. B.A.P’s Young, Wild & Free comeback means so much to me.

1. BTS (Bangtan Boys) — I Need U

Surprise, surprise. I’ve listened to this song how many thousands of times and I still know I’ll never get sick of it. Tomorrow only narrowly edges it out as my favorite BTS song of all time (as well as my favorite kpop song of all  time). My insane obsession with this song is why I paid $40 more for a Taiwan press HYYH pt. 1 with the bonus DVD. I doubt BTS’s music will ever disappoint me, but I Need U has sure set my expectations high for BTS in the years to come.


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