Gunwoo — I AM 27 MV (the best thing that’s ever happened to me that has nothing to do with me)

i’nmcscreaming the bae dropped his first solo music video

The song is called I AM 27, the title track off his solo album I AM 27, which is dropping on January 30 2016, his birthday: the day he turns 27.

like…… wow i am Not Okay he composed/arranged the music himself HOW CUTE IS THAT he must’ve been so pleased w/himself blogging this he is literally credited for everything on his album except the two song covers and Japanese lyrics ahsdjkhasfjkl

his cute accent noooooooo i can’t wait to get my preordered album (type b because GUNWOO PHOTOBOOK OMFG) and i’m so proud this’ll be my first purchase that actually counts on Oricon kjhasjfkhasf SUPPORT THE BAE AT ANY COST (mmm not exactly a healthy mindset)

[a few deep breaths later] If you’re reading this: please, please give Gunwoo’s album a chance! I don’t expect my flailing to move anyone into buying his music (I think he’s incredibly talented but obv I’ve lost the ability to judge him objectively) but I’m totally okay with making a fool of myself and alienating what few friends I have by spamming his music. His group, MYNAME, is criminally underrated. I’ll make detailed posts on Gunwoo/MYNAME around his birthday (& will explain to non MYNAME stans why a Korean kid from a Korean group is releasing his debut solo album in Japan, rofl) but in the meantime, glorious link spam:

favorite Korean MYNAME MV: Too Very So Much

favorite Korean MYNAME song: Let Me Cry

favorite Korean MYNAME choreo: Just Tell Me (THE video that made me fall in love… ❤ Just Tell Me is co-written and co-composed/arranged by Gunwoo, slay bby slaaay)

favorite Japanese MYNAME MV: Hello Again the Godly Blond Hairstyle™ :(((

favorite Japanese MYNAME song……by album: We are MYNAME: Anonymous, Five Stars (favorite album!): Klick, I.M.G. ~without you~: Labyrinth (so much Engrish lmao I love it)

favorite Japanese MYNAME choreo: Miracle

bonus: favorite Gunwoo video!

In honor of his solo debut and his birthday, I’m gonna try to buy a regular edition copy of MYNAME’s MYBESTNAME (their “best of” album released in November) and maybe I AM 27 to give away, though it wouldn’t be until mid-Feb at the earliest as I want to have the albums in hand and know everything’s good to go before announcing anything. 100% of me is consumed by hype for this album jhkhasjkfla I am a whimpering emotional mess I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING /hyperventilates //lies down ///hibernates until January 30


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