About Me

“The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.”

— George Bernard Shaw

My name is Lily. 1992, Canadian, hopeless geek, cynical idealist, textbook introvert, socially awkward like whoa, straight edge, apatheist/atheist, aromantic and asexual, annoying but well-intentioned.

This is my personal blog. Like me, it’s boring and weird and not worth the time you’re wasting reading this sentence.

I’m an aspiring novelist. My life hero is Mats Sundin. My life is also fuelled by reading, expanding my numerous geeky collections, Rise Against, anime/manga, kpop, NHL hockey, and fangirling.

yesfangirling. I am a fangirl extraordinaire! In no particular order: Naruto, Animorphs, Artemis Fowl, Digimon, Hunter x Hunter, The Weekenders, Codename: Kids Next Door, Toronto Maple Leafs (blame it on childhood nostalgia), Alexisonfire, The Weeknd, EXO, BTS, MYNAME, Monsta X, Infinite, Bobby, G-Dragon, Mark Ruffalo, James McAvoy, The Avengers, YGOTAS, Stephen Colbert, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The Big Bang Theory, etcetcetcetc (addictive personality yup)

Disclaimer: I’m not cool, rich, nor popular. If I were, the reference wouldn’t be as fun, eh?

  1. Whos you fave character?

  2. Straight edge? me too * high fives*, and who doesn’t have strong opinions about twilight? LOL

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