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LIFE STORY: i can haz happier life? :’c

Aaand of course today was a bust. So much for “I hope the tutoring goes well“.

I can’t believe I’m still naive enough to think that my life won’t suck.

I feel like my raeg is best expressed through point form.


Breakdown of Sunday…

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LIFE STORY: new nightmare fuel… LSATs. @__@;

I’ve been looking up on law schools since I’m in university anyways.1 But from what I’ve heard about LSATs, I’m terrified. You need a good LSAT score, especially if you don’t have excellent grades, to have a chance to get into a decent law school.

LOL, if people who have genuinely dreamed of going to law school are having a hard time getting in, how will someone with no motivation and zero passion fare?

Seriously, I don’t know what I’m doing in school. This is really depressing. 2

1. Yes, I’m just as whiny as always. /plays the world’s smallest violin

2. See 1.

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