“not-quite” poems

lily the not-quite poet says

As an annoying, preachy, strongly opinionated loser, I took up a random form of writing to help me vent (and avoid the horror that is preachy fiction). I knew mine would have to be free-verse, as I don’t have the talent, nor the patience, for rhymes.

Unfortunately, I take the “free” in “free verse” a little too far, including absurdly placed breaks that stifle poems’ natural rhythm. I throw everything I’ve learned about English out the window. I don’t capitalize words – it looks hideous in poetry. I use a dumbed-down “talking” vocabulary (I despise deciphering poems, and not just because I suck at it) and don’t mind using offensive language to get my point across. I write about the first thing that comes to mind, using the first words that comes to mind; no second thoughts, no overthinking, just freedom.

Do I think poetry is less ugly this way? Not necessarily. In fact, I may have ruined it beyond repair. This is as weird, abstract, and lame as you can get. This is what happens when someone with no talent in poetry, who has never studied poems outside of school, destroys a beloved form of writing. Do the titles make sense? No, I just slapped on the first thing I thought of. Do the “poems” themselves actually make sense? Nah. It’s mostly preachy whining about how the world sucks and everyone except me should do something to fix it.  “how to” is actually my least favorite “not-quite poem”, but I wanted a name for this collection and didn’t want to expend any  actual brain power. Yes, this is the kind of respect with which I treat all of my “poetry”.

I know that I suck. In a twisted, sick, I-just-committed-crimes-of-unspeakable-horror-against-humanity kind of way, writing these “poems” is fun.


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