BTS’s 화양연화 pt. 2 (if you hate this music then we can’t be friends)

So I need an outlet to fangirl over BTS’s new mini-album because HOLY SHIT IT LIVED UP TO THE HYPE IT’S SO GOOD. I Need U and Dope from 화양연화 pt. 1 are still my two favorite BTS songs of the year, but 화양연화 pt. 2 (translated as The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt. 2; also inexplicably known as In the Mood for Love pt. 2) might be my favorite BTS album ever. Here are a few recommended songs, followed by a brief (read: lazy) album review.

favorite song: 뱁새 (“Crow Tit”/”Silver Spoon”) | performed by all 7 members

best song: Intro : Never Mind | performed by Suga, J-Hope, and Rap Monster

honorable mention: Outro : House Of Cards | performed by Jungkook, Jimin, V, and Jin

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Gunwoo. :(

His voice. 😦 His face. 😦 I named my Gunwoo playlist on YouTube “bae” despite loathing that word. 😦 He’s releasing a solo Japanese mini-album soon. 😦 Apparently he wrote/composed/arranged all the songs himself. 😦 Also, he publicly supported B.A.P’s comeback on his personal twitter account. 😦 He is a flawless human being. 😦  I am not okay with any of this. 😦

edit: His solo album is dropping on his birthday, January 30 2016, the day he’s turning 27. It’s called “I Am 27”. I’ve pre-ordered the Type-B version and it’s going to be my most prized possession. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

i can’t say BTS is even more perfect in person because they’re *always* 110% flawless

16-year-old lily: Liking boy bands? I’m a loser but I’m not that pathetic.
23-year-old lily: bOY BANDS > OXYGEN

BTS’s show in Toronto yesterday moved me to come out of blogging hibernation to post this…

I’ve never hid the fact that I’m kpop trash but I try not to advertise it. As with my other quirky interests, I don’t bring it up. I hate being told about stuff I don’t care about if I’m expected to react like I do, so I never push my interests onto anyone.

But I should be pushing kpop. It’s steadily growing in popularity but it’s still quite niche and underrated. I vastly prefer Korea’s mainstream music scene over North America’s. It’s a challenge to name mainstream NA artists whom I actually like. I can tolerate some hip hop and R&B but don’t get me started on pop. On the other hand, kpop is always raising the bar for showmanship and quality. There’s something addictive about the earworm-y music and flashy fashion and perfectly in sync choreography. The biggest criticism against foreign music I hear is “what’s the point of listening to music you can’t understand?” Actually, I think it’s a plus: if the songs are as stupid as American songs are, at least you’re spared the condescending feeling of being force-fed lyrics with kindergarten-level vocabulary. Well, dear friend, music is a universal language~~ ヽ(・∀・)ノ


WHY are you all so flawless

BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan—also known as Bangtan Boys) is a group that makes legitimately good music. They are talented and likeable and—remember, I’m trash—ridiculously good-looking. “I Need U” (despite that spelling…) is still my favorite song of the year. They’ve been my second favorite boy band for ages and I still can’t believe they CAME TO TORONTO and PERFORMED SONGS LIVE and had a hi-touch event which means I got to STAND IN FRONT OF THESE SEVEN BEAUTIFUL BOYS and TOUCH THEIR PRECIOUS SOFT HANDS while being too awestruck to do anything but smile like an idiot. The more I fall in love with groups like BTS, the more I wish I could appreciate our mainstream music too, but alas, I’m just glad kpop is accessible thanks to the internet.

I meant to remove the BTS playlist on the sidebars of both my blogs after September 27 but NNNOPE it’s staying for a bit longer. I’ll immortalize the little playlist on this post:

Can’t wait for them to come back to Canada. In the meanwhile, I’m counting down the seconds until their comeback. I’m preordering their new mini album as soon it’s possible.

WARNING: more kpop-related posts incoming. I’ll put up more pages than posts for the sake of sparing this blog’s followers too many notifications. And although I seldom post on my writing blog, I keep the playlist in the sidebar updated with recent videos, which is worth checking out. If a cold soul like mine can appreciate kpop music, I don’t see why anyone else can’t. 😛

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