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Gunwoo — I AM 27 MV (the best thing that’s ever happened to me that has nothing to do with me)

i’nmcscreaming the bae dropped his first solo music video

The song is called I AM 27, the title track off his solo album I AM 27, which is dropping on January 30 2016, his birthday: the day he turns 27.

like…… wow i am Not Okay he composed/arranged the music himself HOW CUTE IS THAT he must’ve been so pleased w/himself blogging this he is literally credited for everything on his album except the two song covers and Japanese lyrics ahsdjkhasfjkl

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Gunwoo. :(

His voice. 😦 His face. 😦 I named my Gunwoo playlist on YouTube “bae” despite loathing that word. 😦 He’s releasing a solo Japanese mini-album soon. 😦 Apparently he wrote/composed/arranged all the songs himself. 😦 Also, he publicly supported B.A.P’s comeback on his personal twitter account. 😦 He is a flawless human being. 😦  I am not okay with any of this. 😦

edit: His solo album is dropping on his birthday, January 30 2016, the day he’s turning 27. It’s called “I Am 27”. I’ve pre-ordered the Type-B version and it’s going to be my most prized possession. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

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