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Gunwoo — I AM 27 MV (the best thing that’s ever happened to me that has nothing to do with me)

i’nmcscreaming the bae dropped his first solo music video

The song is called I AM 27, the title track off his solo album I AM 27, which is dropping on January 30 2016, his birthday: the day he turns 27.

like…… wow i am Not Okay he composed/arranged the music himself HOW CUTE IS THAT he must’ve been so pleased w/himself blogging this he is literally credited for everything on his album except the two song covers and Japanese lyrics ahsdjkhasfjkl

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top 10 favorite kpop choreographies of 2015

Whether you enjoy kpop or not, good choreography is fun to watch. This list includes songs that aren’t strictly “kpop” (as in “Korean pop music”)—I’m including all music put out by Hallyu kpop idols. This list is obviously limited to the songs I know and is only a subjective list. Agree or disagree—and feel free to share your own list with me!

And check out my companion post: top 10 favorite kpop songs of 2015!

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Gunwoo. :(

His voice. 😦 His face. 😦 I named my Gunwoo playlist on YouTube “bae” despite loathing that word. 😦 He’s releasing a solo Japanese mini-album soon. 😦 Apparently he wrote/composed/arranged all the songs himself. 😦 Also, he publicly supported B.A.P’s comeback on his personal twitter account. 😦 He is a flawless human being. 😦  I am not okay with any of this. 😦

edit: His solo album is dropping on his birthday, January 30 2016, the day he’s turning 27. It’s called “I Am 27”. I’ve pre-ordered the Type-B version and it’s going to be my most prized possession. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

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